Shepherd's Bush Front Garden

The owners of this semi-detached house in Shepherds Bush wanted to add some kerb appeal to their property following extensive renovations and a contemporary extension added to at the back of the house. They wanted something a bit different from the norm and required parking for one car and wanted to include areas of planting, some privacy from the street and an area to park a motorbike.

Blue-grey granite was used for the driveway and path but contrasting strips of silver-grey granite were used to cut through this at various angles. These angular shapes were inspired from the angles used on the house extension and also created various planting pockets that were filled with grasses and perennials, bring colour and movement into the space. A row of low pleached Photinia ‘Red Robbin’ trees were used to provide privacy from the street.

The driveway was quite short so finding gates that could be opened whilst the car was on the drive was a challenge. As such we designed a bespoke set of bi-fold gates with galvanised steel frames and cedar battens to match the fencing. A matching pedestrian gate was also designed and the new rendered wall was topped with cedar battens to bring consistency to the front of the garden.

What our client had to say:

Azara Landscapes have been amazing to work with. They were able to deliver one of their high quality show gardens for us at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Azara and in particular their Lead Designer John and Delivery Lead Ben. 

John has a keen eye for incorporating angles and shapes that brings our garden to life. Ben has the experience and adept team to deliver on these unique designs in a timely manner with high qualify craftsmanship. Every day I water my garden a new passerby comments on the amazing work I have done. Well, it wasn't me - it was Azara!