Queens Park Minimalist Garden

The owners of this property in Queens Park had recently completed extensive renovations to the interior of the house with a very contemporary finish and wanted a garden to match. The brief was for a minimalist design that required little or no maintenance. 

Three large standing stones sit within a simple bed of creeping thyme and act as the main focal points within the garden, standing out against the slatted timber fence. Ivy panels are used to create a green wall along the left-hand side of the boundary while three thin strips of ivy are framed within the fence at the end of the garden and compliment the standing stones. Granite paving, gravel and pebbles are all edged with rusted steel, providing a restrained and complimentary palette of materials.

The garden was completed in January 2019

What our client had to say:

John and Ben were fantastic to work with. They took our initial idea and designed all the elements around it. They listened to us and added so many of their new ideas as well. Through the project, they kept us informed on the progress and everything went smoothly. They were efficient, very professional and dealt with unforeseen snags in their stride. We can not recommend them enough! 

We are very, very pleased with the outcome and very grateful for the amazing job they have done. Thank you John, Ben and the team.

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